How to get Paperless Credits today and without changing banks.

 Verification tools to obtain credits without documentation more quickly

Verification tools to obtain credits without documentation more quickly

As we have said before, through these tools, the financial companies that grant credits analyze your financial profile and confirm your identity automatically, so that the company can already grant you the loan completely without paperwork, which makes the service much more reliable and fast.

It seems that almost 90% of financial companies that grant online loans use these tools to accelerate the study of the applications they receive, in order to carry out the approval process much faster.

Allowing in this way that customers can get immediate credits without paperwork 

Allowing in this way that customers can get immediate credits without paperwork 

Some of these technological tools are:

  • Pich : It is the least used of those that we present to you and with few differences with those that we will see next, will be responsible for verifying the owner of the account you provide and your financial information, income, expenses, etc.
  • Instantor : The most used in the market by online financial companies, focuses on validating the identification and status of the client’s bank accounts. With this tool, the financial company analyzes our financial history and credit status in a very short time. The client does not need to send documentation or paperwork so that all this verification can be carried out. This makes it very easy to use and greatly accelerates the approval period of our online advance totally without paperwork.
  • Cantautomatic : It has an operation very similar to Instantor and widely used behind it by online credit granting companies, many of them use both applications to verify and validate the information provided by users.

All these tools are 100% reliable and secure, our data will always be encrypted and secure. In addition, companies will not be able to use these tools without your explicit consent and all the information used will be automatically deleted once the identity and risk analysis has been performed.

If you want to obtain credits without submitting papers you will need in almost all cases to give permission to the company that grants you the mini credit to make use of these verification tools.

Get your paperless credit

Get your paperless credit

Get paperless credit Immediate response! From 50 euros instantly, no guarantees, no payroll, money in your account in minutes.

Once the financial institution, with your permission and through one of these tools, check your credit status, you can get your credit immediately.

Select the amount you need and the time you think you will be able to repay the money borrowed without paperwork.

You fill out a simple form with your personal data, you do not need to send anything else, since the company has already verified the rest of your necessary documentation with these tools that we saw in the previous section.

Then the application is formalized by signing a contract ( 100% online ).

Once the credit contract is signed, the money can be in your bank account in minutes (depending on your bank and the banking entities with which the selected financial company works) in the worst case it can take up to 24 hours.


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