Loans up to 1000 euros

Wipybank is an online financial fast loan up to 1,000 euros with instant money payment in just a few minutes.

  • Amount that Wipybank lends From € 100 to € 1,000
  • Deadline to return: From 5 to 90 days
  • First Free Loan: Example € 200 to be repaid in 30 days cost 0 Euros APR 0%

Requirements to ask for money in Wipybank

Requirements to ask for money in Wipybank


If you need to request money at Wipybank these are the conditions:

  • Age between 21 and 70 years..
  • Have demonstrable periodic income, which can be payroll, pension, unemployment payment, rental income etc.
  • Not be registered in delinquent list. In other words, not having Credit Institutions. Unlike other online financials in Wipybank, they verify that they have no defaults and this is the reason to deny your request if you have Credit Institutions. However, in Wipybank you can be granted a loan if you have more credits in other banks as long as you have them on the day of payment.
  • Have an account or savings book in a bank, an operational mobile phone and an email.

Advantages of Wipybank Mini Loans

Advantages of Wipybank Mini Loans


  • Flexible: You can choose the amount you need within the established limits and the deadline to return.
  • First Free: Wipybank offers you the first free operation without interest.
  • Easy to order: All procedures online or by phone without scrolling. no endorsement, no payroll, no paperwork.
  • On the Internet from the mobile or from your fixed or portable computer: Simply from your home or from any place with mobile coverage.
  • Simplicity: no small print easy to understand without hidden clauses..
  • Speed: in 15 minutes you have an answer, and you get paid instantly if it is positive.

Request Mini Loans in Wipybank to…

Request Mini Loans in Wipybank to...


Throughout the month unforeseen events may arise whose solution cannot wait for the collection of your payroll or the expected transfer. For these small expenses you can ask the bank where we charge the payroll to anticipate a money but as always that is not possible and the bank does not approve our request or we can not wait, Wipybank grants the first 300 euros in just 10 minutes to attend urgent needs such as:

  • Repair of an appliance, washing machine, refrigerator, etc.
  • Car breakdown that can not wait if the use of the car is essential.
  • For a dental intervention, a filling, implant help, deferred payments.
  • Facing study expenses, tuition, purchase of books or school supplies.
  • Give us a treat and make a small trip of pleasure.

How to request money in Wipybank

How to request money in Wipybank


To ask for money in Wipybank, you have to enter its website, select the amount you need and the term in which you can return the money.

He then asks you to enter your personal information, first and last name, address, mobile phone number and email. Completed these data, you have to report your monthly income, how much you earn, where you work and if you have payroll or pension.

Once all the data has been filled in in a few minutes, you receive both a positive and negative response and they send you a contract by email to sign it and return it scanned. As soon as Wipybank receives the contract he pays the loan money in a few minutes by transfer to his account at the bank.

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