Cody Regional Health offers summer discounts for paid bills


Cody Regional Health is celebrating summer by offering patients with unpaid medical bills (before May 18) a 20% to 50% discount if they pay in full by the end of the summer.

During the summer of 2022, Cody Regional Health is offering a promotional discount to help patients settle their self-pay portion of outstanding balances at a reduced rate.

From now until September 30, Cody Regional Health patients are eligible for a discount if their entire balance is paid in full on any account or service provided by May 18.

Courtesy of Cody Regional Health

Cody Regional Health is offering payment discounts through the end of September – the sooner the bill is paid in full, the bigger the discount.

  • 50% off when sales are paid by 6/30/22
  • 40% off when sales are paid by 7/31/22
  • 30% off when sales are paid before 08/31/22
  • 20% off when sales are paid before 9/30/22

The Hospital Summer Discount applies to all accounts with full balance, including accounts already on a payment plan. However, accounts to which a discount has already been applied (such as an internal charity) are not eligible for this offer.

Any services provided after 5/18/22 are not eligible for the promotional discount. However, other prompt payment discounts may apply.

Questions — and willing participants — can be directed to Cody Regional Health Customer Service at (307) 578-2516.


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