DHL supports Philippine cooperatives

Richmond Mercurio – The Filipino Star

February 20, 2022 | 00:00

MANILA, Philippines — International express service provider DHL Express is partnering with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) to meet the logistics needs of cooperatives in the country.

DHL and CDA have signed a partnership agreement to support and extend promotional account offers and discounts to international orders made through CDA’s e-commerce marketplace for cooperatives called CoopBiz.

“The cooperative sector has untapped potential on the international market. We are excited to work with CDA to provide and expand opportunities for these businesses, making it easier for them to thrive through technology and digitalization,” said Nigel Lockett, Country Manager, DHL Express Philippines.

“Cooperatives can fully leverage our global network to grow their businesses by leveraging our presence in more than 220 countries and territories, combined with our logistics expertise,” Lockett said.

DHL Express said that at least 30 cooperatives with unique and quality products have signified their willingness and anticipation to be part of the initial implementation of the global cooperative marketplace in the Philippines.

According to the company, qualified cooperatives that register on CoopBiz will be able to use the services of DHL Express to ship their goods and products.

Additionally, they will have access to exclusive promotional codes and discounts on expedition bookings made through the platform.

DHL Express customer service is also available to help with reservations or questions about promo codes.

CDA, on the other hand, will actively promote and market promotional offers to its cooperatives through SMS and emails, on its official website, social media sites, mobile apps and other channels.

CoopBiz was developed by CDA to provide an enabling environment for cooperatives and foster the growth of cooperatives in the country.

“The two entities will serve the country’s cooperative sector. This is an important step because it is not just about CDA, but about how DHL can contribute to economic sustainability. I believe DHL and CDA are now vehicles for social equity and progress,” said CDA Undersecretary Joseph Encabo.


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