flipkart: Flipkart apologizes for Women’s Day post promoting kitchen appliances

NEW DELHI: Flipkart has faced huge backlash over its International Women’s Day promotional message.
For the uninitiated, the e-commerce website recently sent messages to people in which it mainly focused on kitchen appliance deals.
“Dear customer, this women’s day, let’s celebrate it. Get kitchen appliances from Rs 299 [sic]”, read the message.
However, the particular message was not well received by part of the population. Many have criticized the company for being “sexist”.
Netizens said the post reinforced negative stereotypes about women in the kitchen.
“Hey @Flipkart do you think the kitchen is where women should be? #PityOnFlipkart #Flipkart,” one social media user tweeted.
“Well done, @Flipkart! Well done for such a stereotypical and sexist offer. Hundreds of women are fighting stereotypes and here you are offering discounts on kitchen appliances. Are women only for cooking?” another user wrote on Twitter.
After being called out, Flipkart apologized for hurting people’s feelings.
“We messed up and we’re sorry. We didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings and apologize for the Women’s Day message shared earlier,” Flipkart said in his tweet. apologies.
Every year, March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day around the world. For 2022, the theme given by the UN is “Gender equality today for a sustainable future”, which aims to recognize the women who work to build a more sustainable future.

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