Ministry of Commerce issues e-license for “Foundation Day” promotional sale


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — The Saudi Ministry of Commerce has allowed commercial establishments to obtain discount sales licenses electronically in the run-up to the Kingdom’s “founding day” without losing the permitted days of annual discount sales.

The ministry explained that the discount season period runs from February 15 to 28, indicating that licenses can be issued through the link.

Below are the types of rebate licenses granted by the Department of Commerce:

• All-inclusive discounts: These are granted to stores wishing to make global discounts on all products in the store.

• Partial discounts: They are granted to stores wishing to make partial discounts of at least 50% of their products.

• Final liquidation only for stores: this is a license granted to stores that wish to carry out a final liquidation of the store due to the abandonment of the business, change of type of activity, realization of renovations completed in the store or its transfer from one place to another.

• Seasonal sale: It is carried out through a license granted to stores that wish to carry out discount sales in the seasons predetermined by the ministry, without losing any of the days of the discount balance available to them.

• Promotions: This service allows merchants and e-shops to submit an unlimited number of requests for promotional offers with a promotion period not exceeding 6 months. A store is allowed a maximum of 3 licenses per year, so a license does not exceed 45 days for full discounts.

Discounted license system

The system allows the merchant to issue discount licenses and request promotional offers service for stores without having to visit the branches of the Ministry of Commerce.

One of the advantages of the e-discount system is that it immediately accepts license requests for discounts and promotional offers. It also allows unique license extensions for discounts.

Under the system, traders can submit applications from anywhere electronically.

The system allows licensing for discounts and promotions using the commercial register, commercial agency or brand.

It also makes it possible to issue licenses to all businesses at the level of the regions of the Kingdom.

Another benefit of getting a discount license is that it increases consumer confidence in the discounts offered by a store as they are allowed to place the discount logo in all promotional offers.


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