Six items to buy at TJ Maxx that are worth your money next time you shop


TJ Maxx is a clothing and home goods store loved by many consumers for its huge discounts and sales.

And while the deals are always great, you need to make sure you have these six items when you leave the store, because they’re practically a bargain.


Workout gear is a great buy at TJ MaxxCredit: Getty

1. Workout and sports equipment

The first item you should grab when you’re at TJ Maxx is workout gear, as you can get high-end athletic brands, like Nike, Fabletics, and Adidas.

For example, a Champion graphic t-shirt is currently priced at $9.99 on their website.

2. Handbags

Just like sportswear, you can also find designer handbags at discount stores.

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According to Wise Bread, Valentina, Kenneth Cole, Michaella Barri, Saint Laurent, Perlina and Emma Fox are just a few of the designer names you can find.

However, TJ Maxx only receives a limited amount of designer bags.

Due to limited inventory, you probably won’t find a designer handbag every time you visit your local store.

But, you can ask your local TJ Maxx store manager when the store usually receives handbag inventory and what time they are put on the shelves to make sure you are first in line for luxury bags.

3. Technical accessories

Other items worth adding to your cart are tech accessories.

Erin Port, who runs the Simple Purposeful Living blog, sings about the discounts you can find in this department.

She said, “You can find screen protectors, extra cables, cases, headphones and more. All branded items for a fraction of the cost.”

4. Notebooks, stationery and office supplies

TJ Maxx is also a great place to pick up notebooks, stationery, and other office supplies.

There are notebooks and stationery available with different designs to suit everyone.

5. Tableware

There are plenty of serving dishes, bowls, and mugs to choose from, but seasonal dishes are also a godsend.

You can pick up a set of eight branded melamine plates, perfect for outdoor dining, for less than $25.

They also carry popular brands, such as Rae Dunn, Cynthia Rowley, and Rachel Zoe, for up to 50% off.

6. Last minute gifts

Not only can you find adorable stationery at TJ Maxx, but you can also find items like fuzzy socks, specialty foods, and delicious smelling candles that make great last-minute gifts or perfect items for a basket- present.

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