Top 3 things you should eat at Universal Orlando this week (March 13, 2022)


Universal Orlando’s crowd levels are expected to be high this week. This week, the Florida area has spring break. If you venture into the parks, I suggest you bring your patience. Of course, enjoying Mardi Gras food works no matter how busy the parks are. As you can imagine, I have three suggestions. In all honesty, two of my suggestions this week are very similar.

First, we start with a food becoming a staple at Universal Orlando. Hot Nashville Mac and Cheese.

This bowl of creamy goodness is $10.99 before any discounts. The concept of mac and cheese bowls has appeared at other previous seasonal culinary events at Universal Orlando. Reviews for these bowls have been good. I was not a fan of the previous incarnation of this dish. However, based on how often I mention it in articles lately, you can see that my view has changed for the Mardi Gras version.

The Mardi Gras version seems like an improvement over the holiday version to me. The “spice” level can be considered intense by many guests. The portion size of the chicken ups the ante in this mac and cheese bowl. Also, you can order it with a less spicy sauce. For a full review, click here.

At this point, I’m going to stretch the “Top 3” settings. I’ll be using two similar items commonly found in the Tribute Store (and other bakery crates). One of Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras themes this year is “Planet Mardi Gras.” Parade floats and food tents match this theme. As a result, Universal chiefs designed “Mardi Gras Planet Trifle Cakes.” Each costs $10. As the name suggests, these are cupcakes by design. Trifle cake exists as a staple of Universal Orlando’s seasonal treats.

Customers can order a “Blue Planet”. This cake features a solid chocolate dome on top. The chocolate will start to melt in the Florida sun, so prepare it with napkins. This blue planet cake features a snickerdoodle flavor. The amount of frosting reaches a decadent level. As a result, the potential mess factor is high. The presentation is superb with the colors of Mardi Gras of course. If you like snickerdoodle and especially cinnamon, then this cake is worth a try. I found this cake sweeter than I originally expected.

If the blue planet cake makes my second suggestion, then the “purple planet“Cake makes a great third suggestion for this week. This cupcake resembles blue in its structure. However, the flavors vary widely. The purple cake tastes like chocolate pecans with added bourbon flavor. This cake also shows the potential for spoilage. I preferred the snickerdoodle flavor in the other trifle cake. Still, most guests I spoke with preferred this flavor. For full warning, I don’t like the flavor of bourbon, which might explain my preference.

Thank you again for being part of this culinary journey. I look forward to seeing you again next week as we explore the “Top 3” things you should eat at Universal Orlando. As always, eat your way!

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